Immigrant Me is a documentary photography. As such, it’s created via photo shoots and interviews for the purpose of documenting a brief memoir of each participant.

Photo Shoot
The models pose in whichever attire they wish, varying from their usual daily wear to something formal or costume representing their native culture. The shoot may be in a setting that feels natural to them such as home, workplace or a different location that’s special to the model.

Though there are common topics that we wish to learn about an immigrant’s experience, I leave it up to each to disclose sensitive accounts. One may have immigrated because of rape or threat of death, for example. It’s understandable if he or she prefers to not share details. On the other hand, some have come to a place where they are ready to inform us of such strenuous circumstances. Whichever the case may be, each person has a compelling story of human struggle and achievement. Each story serves to better understand the new American and his/her life journey.

Together, the photographs and interviews create a documentary that serves to better understand America’s immigrants and to relate to each, at a human level.

We grapple to succeed as individuals and to improve the quality of life for our families. We cultivate friendships and pursue education, build businesses or serve our communities in other ways. As people, we are not different from US born citizens. The difference is a legal one; we had to become American because our births were in another land. Through this project, I promote the stories of many, who like me, sought to become American.


If you would like to share your immigrant story or know of someone who would, please contact me:

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